Game On!
Letter form Jack's and San Camp: August - October 2009 It has been an above average wet season in the Makgadikgadi. With a cloudburst of late rains, we received 185mm in just 48 hours. This is incredible when one considers that three years ago, Jack’s Camp received a rainfall of just 168mm over a twelve month period. 26 November 2009
Wet season wonderland
On the 1st of December 2008, the already incredible night skies of the Makgadikgadi featured an added attraction. Here, you cannot help but cast your eyes toward the ceiling of stars, and it was a rare treat to see the bright sliver of the waning moon flanked on both sides by Venus and Jupiter – a truly breathtaking sight that held the promise of a very exciting season in the Makgadikgadi.... 27 February 2009
The Bushmen Initiation Hunt
Ralph Bousfield shares his passion for the Bushmen of the Far Western Kalahari. 23 January 2009