San Camp... "like no place on earth!" 30 October 2013



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Tom Parker Bowles approached his trip to Botswana for Departures magazine “with some trepidation” having been to Africa only once before as a teenager. In his own words, all he can think of now is getting back to this astonishing place. Tom was completely overwhelmed by the primal silence of the salt pans and said that he could have sat with the meerkats all month. He even shed two tears on departure so it seems that Parker Bowles has fellen under a San Camp spell!


San Camp is renowned for being one of the most magical places on the planet... and, we are happy to report that Evan and Stacey, a couple from Los Angeles, were similarly inspired. Although reassured by his uncle that San Camp was the most romantic spot imaginable, Evan only made his decision on arrival that sunset would be the perfect time and place to propose. Fortuitously, other guests were either out of camp, or distracted by a fashion shoot, and Evan and Stacey were able to have the sunset all to themselves. After a perfectly, understated semi-private moment (the fact that Evan was on his knees did not go unnoticed), there was a lot of toasting and everyone joined the couple to celebrate.


While on the subject of romance… Our divinely lovely Camp Manager, Kirsty Craik and the equally fabu-gorge John Barclay also fell under the spell of the Makgadikgadi 2 years ago. We are so sad that Kirsty and John are both leaving us to study but, we are happy that Kirsty is still attached to us by an invisible, but enduring umbilical bond care of her irrepressible mother, Robyn who, together with her husband David Foot of the invincible Ride Botswana team operate horseback safaris out of all our camps… Robyn and two girlfriends recently came into camp for an end of season San Camp safari with Kirsty and we thought these mother and daughter pics were very touching.


We are delighted to report that we have been seeing a great deal of wildlife in the vicinity of San Camp, especially desert species such as  bat-eared foxes, which we are encountering almost every night. Ralph and his guests recently had the highly unusual experience of walking with an aardvark in the middle of the day. This was of course, in Ralph’s favourite words, “absolutely extraordinary”! We are also hopeful that a large female brown hyaena that we have seen in several occasions in the proximity of the camp will start a den nearby, with pups to follow. To top it off, we now regularly see elephants, lionesses and their cubs, and a couple of lion brothers too.


It is very moving for all who have been involved in the Uncharted Africa Safari co. story to witness the improving biodiversity of this unique area. When we opened Jack’s Camp, there were few animals to be seen at all, and game drives always included a trip to Lion Island where we would resort to throwing a poor termite at a red-legged golden orb-web spider (and claim it as a kill...). Nonetheless we were always completely fascinated by this phenomenal region, and luckily our enthusiasm was infectious. Furthermore, with our presence there, poaching has diminished, the migration has tamed up, and species such as lion and elephant have returned. We are just waiting for our rhino now…


Stay at Jack’s Camp for 3 nights from the 1st of November to the 15th of April and your nightly rate is discounted by 35,7% even though you still get the pleasure of the company of meerkats, Bushmen plus a bonus of 75,000 free zebra and wildebeest.

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