The Dry Season is Here! 17 June 2013



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The Dry Season has arrived in The Makgadikgadi. We’ve revved up the quad bikes, donned the obligatory TE Lawrence head gear and are once more getting incredibly excited about seeing and hearing absolutely nothing.


Experiencing a bit of this nothingness is highly recommended for all tired, overworked, stressed out souls in need of a little TLC. Leave the laptop and smartphone at home and let Uncharted Africa take you back a few thousand years - When life was simpler, and time was an awful lot longer… it’s time travel minus the wormhole, but including great food, some incredible memories, and of course, the obligatory Gin & Tonic.


As ancient as the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, so is the fury of a woman scorned, and those cute resident Meerkat clans have been rife with some serious female in fighting. In a scene reminiscent of a soap opera, two minor females muscled in on the dominant female’s territory by producing several illegitimate pups.

Needless to say, as soon as the dominant female caught wind of this flagrant betrayal, she promptly killed the babies then punished the perpetrators for their wanton disregard, by biting their necks open – Not enough to kill them mind you, but enough to leave them permanently scarred, a signal to all females to keep it tidy, or face her wrath! Fortunately it's the dry season; otherwise someone might have ended up in the swimming pool!


While on the subject of dangerous women and large bodies of water, during our annual showcase Delta Mobile, our supply boat met unexpectedly with a rather large bitter-lipped lady hippo. Fortunately all staff, kit and lady hippo’s generous booty were fine, but the incident left the team racing against time, ensuring the camp was ready for the Guests’ sunset arrival.
Fortunately the team lived up to their reputation of being the best mobile safari team in Africa, setting up a beautiful island camp in time to welcome Ralph Bousfield, John Barclay, and the Guests who had been having a fine time negotiating their way around a very frisky bull elephant. The group spent the rest of the evening dining and recounting the day’s events under a canopy of trees, and after a jam-packed day, all were delighted to fall into their beds, which were now placed in white diaphanous mosquito net tents! We thank all the agents who joined Ralph and the Uncharted Africa team on this Delta Mobile Expedition for being such excellent adventurers!


Some other excellent adventurers recently guided by Ralph, were author Peter Godwin and his family. Their safari is featured in the June edition of Conde Nast Traveler USA, which focuses on fabulous family adventures. Peter wanted to show his sons the Africa of his childhood, and chose an Uncharted Mobile Safari to keep the experience as authentic as possible. It seemed fitting to keep it an all-round family affair, and so John Barclay, Ralph’s nephew joined the team, who were determined to make the safari memorable, but above all – A lot of fun!


Camp Kalahari had a make over, the results of which are delighting our Guests. The central thatched living and dining areas have been completely rebuilt, and the Guest tents replaced with larger, brighter Meru style tents. The extended flysheets now cover the en-suite bathrooms, and the tent interiors feature four-poster campaign style beds paired with rich textiles, and hand woven grass matting. But the best news of course is that the rate has not increased and Camp Kalahari will continue to be the family friendly, traditional bush camp we all love, but now with a little added comfort!
Click here to see new images of Camp Kalahari.


San Camp, our fabulously serene camp on the edge of the salt pan, commenced the season on the 16th of April, in the very capable hands of Kirsten Craik. In her time as Front of House Manager at Jack’s Camp, she proved to be the ultimate hostess and the perfect person to welcome our Guests to the magical otherworldly romance of San.

Ralph’s been a bit of a media magnet of late, and if you’d like to read even more about just how fab this macho 5th generation safari guide really is, then take a look at the April issue of Conde Nast Traveller UK, where Ralph is profiled as an exceptional Guide – It’s trouser dropping good!


With the wet season over, Planet Baobab too gears up for a jam-packed busy season. For the more budget conscious, Planet Baobab is the perfect way to experience the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. We recommend the ever-popular two night Meerkat Mania Itinerary, which includes guided bush walks, quad biking deep into the pans, sleeping out under the stars and interacting with some pretty incredible habituated meerkats.

Click here to download this great itinerary.

And now just like the pans, our news has dried up!
We’ll be seeing you out there.

The Uncharted Africa Team